05 October | Social Media
A fun afternoon teaching eye/hand coordination drills to the team at M. Train.
03 October | Athletes, Social Media
One of our goalies works on his reaction times.
03 October | General, Quotes, Social Media
"...many young athletes work not only with their coaches, but also with private trainers to improve their athleticism, skills and even vision. For example, Performance 20/20, owned by Jennifer Stewart of Darien, opened in Stamford last year to help athletes improve eye-hand coordination, reaction time and athletic performance."
01 September | General, Athletes, Social Media
A very talented athlete summited Mount Katahdin over the summer.
01 August | Athletes, Social Media
The team recently attended this elite camp in Northford.
28 July | General, Athletes, Social Media
Training with one of our awesome hockey goalies!
25 July | General, Athletes, Social Media
Never a bad time to work on your eye/hand coordination!
18 July | General, Athletes, Social Media
The importance of optimal vision is critical in sports and always our first step before beginning performance vision training.
17 July | General, Athletes, Social Media
Stamford Twin Rinks goalie camp! Ben is not only a fantastic Performance Vision Specialist but also an accomplished goalie coach.
12 July | General, News, Research, Social Media
"Athletes constantly rely on stereo vision to throw, shoot, and pass accurately. But while everyone knows athletes can train to get faster, gain muscle, or improve core strength, coaches have always chalked vision up to natural talent—until recently. As it turns out, people can actually inprove their stereoscopic vision with training, according to recently published research."
12 July | General, Athletes, Social Media
We assess and analyze strengths and limiters about every 12 weeks. After working with this lacrosse goalie for four months, we have observed a remarkable increase in testing scores.
11 July | General, Athletes, Social Media
Full house today - working with goalies in the Stamford Twin Rinks Goalie Camp.