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Achieve Your Goals

Performance 20/20 is a sports vision training program for achieving athletic potential by sharpening the visual system and cognitive skills.

Why Sports Vision Training?

React Faster

Athletes can improve their eye-hand-body reaction time by training their reflexive response. In most sports, there is little to no time for mental decision making. An athlete has to rely on anticipation and visual cues to make a decision.

Gain Competitive Edge

Fractions of a second make a difference and will influence the level of play. They are the difference between winning and losing. Vision training can transform a solid athlete into an exceptional athlete.

Achieve Peak Performance

Performance vision training can take athletic achievement to the next level. Athletes can maximize their physical, visual and mental performance through customized training. Training slows the game down and places athletes in the zone.

Sports Vision Training

In sports, you are only as good as your eyes. Sports vision training goes beyond basic eyesight may give athletes the ability to achieve peak performance.

Over 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual. Every decision we make consists of four parts: visual, perceptual, cognitive and an action response. Through training, an athlete can maximize these skills to increase stamina, flexibility and focus. Every athlete, from recreational to the professional level, is looking for a competitive edge to enhance their performance. Performance vision training can transform a good athlete into a great athlete.
Just as strength training is used to help an athlete maximize speed, strength and agility, performance vision can help an athlete react faster, see more and improve their awareness. Athletes who have completed performance vision training remark that the game seems to “slow down”, and the ball or puck seems larger.

Competitive Edge

Increase Reaction Times

Enhance the accuracy and speed of a response in high pressure situations.

Sharpen Focus

Delay mental fatigue, minimize distractions, and maintain concentration.

Multiple Object Tracking

Seeing the ball, puck, or relevant object becomes automatic and accurate.

Expand Peripheral Awareness

Expands peripheral vision to better see teammates and opponents, and improve safety.

Enhance Visual Acuity

Train your visual system to perform at the highest level.

Visualize Success

Take your game to the next level - our training can help achieve your goals.